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Why do we need NAD?

NAD keeps your body looking and feeling young. But our NAD level declines up to 50% from age 30-60+.

How was NMN discovered?

In the study, Sinclair and his colleagues found a way to restore that blood flow in aging mice. They provided elderly mice with a molecule called nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), which is then made into another compound that promotes the formation of tiny blood vessels in cells that line the muscle, as well as other organs. The mice given NMN increased their treadmill run time by 60% compared to animals that didn’t get the molecule, and they doubled their exercise endurance — to levels that matched or even exceeded that of younger mice.

NMN Supplement 18000 & 9000

NUNMN is dedicated to creating health and beauty products with the highest degree of standard. We only produce Pure, high-quality NMN with innovative manufacturing process, as well as all the safety measures that are in place to ensure that the NMN is pharmaceutical grad.  Most of the NMN products in the market are produced with chemical synthesis method in which high level of purity is not possible to achieve.  We produce NMN by biological enzyme method where 99.5% purity can be achieved, so our customers can get the best quality NMN in the market.

Nobel Prize winners support NAD+ anti-aging theory
Eric Kandel
2000 Nobel Prize in Medicine

Aaron Ciechanovera
2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry