The Whats and Whys of the Best NMN Supplement in Canada

In 2021, almost 1300 studies listed on Google Scholar evaluated nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) and its anti-ageing-related effects. That's almost double the interest shown in 2017 when just over 600 studies emphasized NMN's presumably soaring capabilities. 

NMN trends

No wonder the works of professor David Sinclair (Harvard University), Shin-ichiro Imai (Washington University) and their peers have garnered so much attention. Their attention to the "fountain of youth," as Catherine Elton from the Boston Magazine brands it, has drawn keen interest from brands and consumers alike. 

This explains why a myriad of NMN supplements have flooded the North American markets, promising that all the goodness of this anti-ageing ingredient can be ours to experience. However, as a discerning consumer, you must always be aware of the placebo effect — one that brands are persistently eager to take advantage of.

Consider this; ChromaDex, in Q4 2021, analyzed samples of NMN products from 22 NMN brands that were doing amazingly well on Amazon. The evaluation was based on reflecting upon their potency, and the results were shocking:

  • 23% of the products didn't contain enough NMN (as measured against their label claim)
  • 14% didn't contain NMN near to their label claim
  • 14% had no NMN at all

Such fraudulent practices beg the question: Are the anti-aging claims just shenanigans designed to swindle consumers? Or have the brand reps actually figured out how to tame the fountain of youth? And if the latter's true, what's the best buy? What is the best NMN supplement in Canada?

The short answer: Regrettably, some fraudulent companies are out to rip you off. However, reputed, clinically approved, rigorously lab-tested, and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) products do exist. And one of those products is what we'll discuss in this article.

NUNMN Supplement 18000 & 9000 NAD+ Booster — A Primer

NMN is a known precursor of NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). NAD+ is a coenzyme existing in every body cell. It's employed by the cell powerhouse mitochondria and is needed as a fuel for repairing DNA, sustaining circadian rhythm and regulating the body's metabolism.

However, as the person ages, NAD+ levels decrease. Research indicates that the "oxidative damage to DNA" contributes to this depletion and, ultimately, catabolism - hence ageing. Therefore, replenishing NAD+ is a potential method for fighting off the effects of ageing. In more clinical terms, it's a powerful approach to improve cognitive function and help alleviate age-related diseases. 

Based on scientific and clinical evidence, NMN has been touted as an excellent preventative and therapeutic anti-ageing supplement — a viable catalyst for NAD+ biosynthesis. 

Owing to the same, NUNMN produces a synthesized form of NMN that's easy to consume and suffices benefits akin to naturally occurring NMN (which, by the way, exists in small quantities). 

Manufactured according to GMP standards and recognized by Health Canada, NUNMN has been shown to facilitate:

  • More energy & vitality
  • Anti-aging benefits
  • Enhanced cognitive function
  • Improved exercise performance
  • Accelerated metabolic activity
  • Healthy blood sugar levels
  • Reduced Inflammation and pain
  • Better sleep and reduced weight

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It's consumed in capsule format with a fixed serving quantity.

Why NUNMN Supplement — The Research Behind it

Any supplement to garner credibility has got to possess clinical evidence. NUNMN creates its niche by leveraging the capabilities of the biological enzyme method. While this method bears more expenses on the manufacturing front, it does raise the bar for quality assurance by helping achieve a 99.5% NMN purity. That's way better than what the market-laden chemical synthesis method offers.

Besides, NUNMN products adhere to GMP standards, which means they are manufactured to meet the highest standards. More profoundly, GMP entails creating SOPs, validating the effectiveness of the design systems, critically evaluating the procedures, employing the best-of-breed equipment and performing rigorous testing.

This "quality in, quality out" gives NUNMN the edge. All these Health Canada-approved products are branded as "Natural Health Product (NHP) under NPN #80114685." 

Where to Buy NUNMN Supplement in Canada?

All NUMNN supplements are available here on the official website. We provide free shipping in Canada with an estimated delivery time of 2-3 business days.

Check out these FAQs to know more about: Order tracking, payment options, refund policy, sale authorization, subscription, etc. For any clarifications, the customer service team is readily available by email at

Before You Go - Don't Overlook These Considerations

The market is ripe with fraudulent products, so you must read the following points carefully before deciding to purchase.

1. Read the Labels, Always

The ChromaDex study, as mentioned above, serves as a cautionary tale. It's crucial that you read the labels on the supplements because the contents of any product cannot deviate from what it advertises itself as. 

2. Analyze the Potency

What are the active and inactive ingredients? What are the purity levels? What concentration of NMN does the product contain? And how is the product manufactured? All these questions must be catered to if you're making a wise purchase decision.

3. Consider the Attention to Detail and Transparency

For instance, NUNMN is a tad different from the regular vitamin B3. That's because it's explicitly employed to follow the path of creating NAD+. However, most of the sellers might not be so specific about the purpose of their product, which, in turn, could render the same ineffective. It's also a red flag for you to consider.

In a Nutshell

NUNMN supplements are promoted to boost energy and improve cognitive function - as well as, to pledge enhanced health and longevity. 

It's no secret that an aging body requires increased quantities of NAD+ because said quantities dwindle over time. This is the driving force behind NMN supplements; they promise to increase NAD+ amounts to keep you young.

However, not just any product will suffice. You need a supplement that's clinically approved and safe for consumption. NUNMN delivers on both counts. As elucidated above, our products are verified, rigorously lab-tested and manufactured according to GMP — there's no reason you shouldn't try them today!